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Laura Elizabeth Hughes – Recall

Dublin based singer-songwriter Laura Elizabeth Hughes has unveiled her latest music video for ‘Recall’, which is currently available via free download.

Imbued with a deep atmospheric tone, the isolated visuals and widen scope of the video is carried across through several beautifully composed shots of Hughes performing within an empty theatre. Captured in the ambient stage lighting the vocalist dominates the camera’s focus with a palpable screen presence.

Intercut with a strikingly emotive narrative that follows a young homeless man the imagery and symbolism that threads throughout the video is subtly translated as the story arc build to its finale as the slow-moving edits hold long enough on each scene to evoke the mood and concept of the piece.

Populated with some brilliant use of the space and set design the video captures the slow-burning tone and reverberated soundscapes found within Laura Elizabeth Hughes’ music. Blending the large-scale locale and open vistas to translate the softly echoing sonic aesthetic of ‘Recall’ visually, the video’s stunning use of setting and mise en scène is both affective and subtle.

Click above to watch the new video from Laura Elizabeth Hughes for the singer songwriter’s latest single ‘Recall’.

To download the song, taken from Laura Elizabeth Hughes self-titled début E.P, for free click here.


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