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Nanu Nanu – SEAHORSE


Alien-pop duo Nanu Nanu have unveiled the visually stunning new video for their latest single ‘Seahorse’.

Directed by Laura Sheeren, the videos use of light and reflection results in several brilliant flourishes of imagery and texture as the duo explore the incandescence of the visual’s fluorescent aesthetic spectrum.

Pulsing to the slow-burning rhythmic nature of ‘SEAHORSE’ (taken from Nanu Nanu’s brilliant début album Unit-1) the video glistens with each scene as the multi-layered imagery fades and melds together to create an augmented yet cohesive tone that mirrors the deeply evocative tone of the music.

As the camera begins to move more intently and the edits flash more suddenly, Sheeran wrack-up the tension visually with scope, colour palette and focus of the imagery working to progress and evolve the video’s neon aesthetic.

Delivering on the strong creative drive that forms the core of Nanu Nanu’s art, the irrepressible individuality that seems to bind together the myriad of genres, styles and inspirations within the duo’s work is clearly showcased in the group’s new video and single.

Through Nanu Nanu’s indomitable honesty and love of their craft the alien-pop pioneers continue to define themselves as truly unique to the Irish music scene.

Watch the video for Nanu Nanu’s latest single ‘SEAHORSE’ by clicking above.

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