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In Their Thousands interview


Alternative-folk band In Their Thousands will begin their forthcoming tour in support of the band’s latest E.P ENDS with a show at the Odessa Club in Dublin on March 27th. The group recently spoke to theLastMixedTape about their new record, writing process and live sound.

How do you feel your latest E.P. ENDS concludes the series of four extended plays you’ve released?

I think that the process has come full circle in the sense that the sound of ENDS is similar to our first E.P albeit the recording of both E.P’s could not have been more different. ENDS was recorded in a state if the art studio whereas EP 1 was done in a room in our house. I think ENDS concludes the project well and gives us a definite direction on which to focus for our next release.

In terms of song writing, do you feel their has been an evolution in techniques and sound with each E.P?

Definitely, the songwriting in my opinion has come on leaps and bounds. There is a higher standard of songwriting emerging from all of us now than at the beginning and I hope this continues as we explore new themes and seek out more inspiration for our material.

How do you think your experiences recording ENDS will lead into making a possible album in the future?

The whole ethos behind releasing 4 E.P’s was to keep the focus on creating new material rather than release it all at once which keeps the whole thing fresh I think. Throughout this process we gave experimented with various recording techniques and we are really comfortable in the studio as a result. ENDS was all tracked live in the studio, not built up layer after layer Essentially it’s the live sound of us playing together with some layering in parts and additional instruments here and there. This allowed us to capture an energy and feel that is just not possible with the constrains of layering tracks from the ground up. We are not interested in the polished pristine recording that is commonplace in today’s music industry, of course it has to be good but there has to be some rawness and emotion in there too. This is definitely the way we like to record.

Over the series of four E.P’s is there a particular song that encapsulates your sound the most?

I like ‘Tear It All Apart’, it is a song for me that captures a lot of the elements of the band. We don’t really get too worked up though about trying to be different or tie ourselves to a specific genre. People will tag us on to other artists and genres anyway without us trying to do it as well. That is just the nature of music.

The band is about to embark on an extensive tour in the coming months, how do you think these new tracks will translate from the studio to live performance?

I don’t think we will have any difficulty getting the message across in the live shows. The nature of the recording process lends itself to live performance and it is something we really enjoy. In my view we are a band that has to be seen live to fully appreciate what is going on.

What do In Their Thousands have planned once the tour is over?

Once we return from touring (Ireland, UK & Europe) we hope to hit some of the festivals over the summer. Between this, writing new material and preparing for more touring in the Autumn we will be busy indeed.

In Their Thousands tour will include shows at the Odessa Club, Dublin (March 27); Metro 17, Wexford (March 28); Eddie Murphy’s, Thomastown, Kilkenny (March 29); Monroe’s, Galway (April 20), Coughlan’s Live, Cork (April 25); Pine Lodge, Cork (April 26). 
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