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Imelda May – It’s Good To Be Alive


Rockabilly singer-songwriter Imelda May has unveiled her latest music video for the single ‘It’s Good To Be Alive’, taken from the musicians forthcoming album Tribal.

Taking a fun, more grounded take on the classic horror film Bride of Frankenstein directed by James Whale, the video’s vibrant colour palette and early twist in locale from Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory to a 1950’s small-town suburban America setting provide the perfect aesthetic for May’s rock ‘n’ roll sound.

With playful nods to both the Boris Karloff Frankenstein era and the realities of everyday life and relationships the narrative is engaging with the stylish production design and camera work encapsulating the slick percussive tones of ‘It’s Good To Be Alive’.

A swaggering piece of rock ‘n’ roll, Imelda May’s latest single grooves with a joyous sonic aesthetic with the large-scale production resulting in a constantly evolving recording that introduces and retracts melodies, harmonies and rhythms through each playful hook-laden section. It will be interesting to hear how much of an indicator ‘It’s Good To Be Alive’ is for May’s next L.P Tribal.

Watch the latest music video for ‘It’s Good To Be Alive’ from Imelda May by clicking above. The single is out now, while it’s parent album is due for release on June 2nd.

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