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Kodakid – Outta Sight

Waterford based indie-rock group Kodakid have unveiled their latest music video for the single ‘Outta Sight’.

Directed by John Loftus, the video takes a multi-layered approach that moves and cuts between images of the band recording in the studio to Kodakid performing the song live.

Showcasing the footage in an interlocking tapestry of swaying visuals the video’s constantly moving aesthetic blends with the palpable grooving meter of the music creating an engaging progression to the piece that compliments Kodakid’s pulsing indie-rock sound.

Driven by rhythmical acoustic guitar, ‘Outta Sight’ builds itself sonically upon a swaggering percussive backdrop that pushes the single forward, leaving the melodic vocal and lead guitar parts to interweave and expand the recording’s spectrum while still anchored to the rhythm section’s pin-point interplay.

With ‘Outta Sight’ and its accompanying video, Kodakid give an exciting glimpse at the Waterford bands forthcoming album and it will be interesting to hear how the group have evolved their indie-rock leanings, coupled with a strong foundation of pop-sensibilities, within the L.P format.

Click above to check out Kodakid’s music video for ‘Outta Sight’ directed by John Loftus.

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