Eyedress confirms Irish début show in Whelan’s


Manila based musician and producer Eyedress has been confirmed to play his début Irish performance in Whelan’s on May 1st.

Eyedress’ (a.k.a Idris Vicuña) unique take on the indietronica/electro genre results in an atmospheric, syncopated sonically expansive sound, tinged with dark thematic undertones that resonate throughout the music’s deep backdrop of echoing reverbs and swirling synth textures that populate tracks such as ‘Nature Trips’ and ‘Tokyo Ghosts’.

Speaking about exposing the honesty and emotion behind his lyric writing, Idirs commented  “I’m not the Alpha Male kind of guy. performed in front of ‘bro’ friends and tried to pretend ‘oh, I don’t sing like that duuuude’”.

Discussing how he began to work create his distinct musical style “This record is also proof that you can make something out of nothing. I used a crappy PC my dad gave me to make this. Now I make music all day. When my self-esteem is deflated the only thing that makes me feel like I have any worth is music. It’s what I do every day and if I can’t, I can’t chill”.

Tickets for Eyedress’ debut Irish show in Whelan’s on May 1st are priced at €13 and are on sale now. For more information visit

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