Music Videos

Cat Dowling – The Believer

Singer-songwriter Cat Dowling has released a brand new music video for the single ‘The Believer’, taken from Dowling’s recent début album of the same name.

Directed by Fergal Costello, the flourescent glare, intercut and contrasted by moving monochromatic shots of black and white, shimmers and blends with the softly creeping distortion of Cat Dowling’s latest single.

Pacing itself to the pounding percussive pulse of ‘The Believer’, Costello quickly moves from open cityscapes to hand-held close-ups that focus in on Dowling as she performs. This constant visual progression adds to the video’s sense of depth while also maintaining an intimacy to the imagery.

Playing with the sense of light and focus, Costello beings to introduce more surrealist elements to the video through the use of beautifully shot projections of Vanessa Daws equally affective and hypnotic animation that captures the imagination with each flicker of moment upon screen.

Capturing the deep isolated tone and powerfully dynamic scope of Cat Dowling’s music Fergal Costello translates the rumbling percussive aesthetic through the use of striking imagery and constantly evolving visuals, culminating in a perfect companion to the music.

Check out Cat Dowling’s new music video for ‘The Believer’ directed by Fergal Costello by clicking above. 

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