Music Videos

We Cut Corners – Best Friend

Alternative-rock duo We Cut Corners have unveiled the brilliant new music video for their single ‘Best Friend’.

Directed by visual art duo Kijek /Adamski, the dark brooding nature of We Cut Corner’s latest release is captured through the auteurs stunning use of animation. Mirroring the affective percussive aesthetic of the recording the imagery pulses with each powerful transition building a palpable tension within the piece.

Minimalist in its scope, the claustrophobic focus of Kijek /Adamski’s video engages and captures the imagination as the monochromatic palette occasionally gives way to short, sudden bursts of colour that follow the thrashing crash of guitar found within ‘Best Friend’.

With a real subtle sense of timing imbued to the harsh brutal nature of the imagery, the directors wrack-up the tension as the dynamic musical force of We Cut Corner’s progress the song to its pounding crescendo, working to highlight the song’s political lyrical themes.

As the pace of each edit moves quickly to the thrashing and screeching timbre of ‘Best Friend’ Kijek /Adamski perfectly translate the mood and tone of We Cut Corners music to the visual to great effect.

Watch the brand new music video for We Cut Corners’ ‘Best Friend’ directed by Kijek/Adamski by clicking above.

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