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Cymbals – The Workman’s Club

Jack Cleverly


Cymbals took to the stage at the Workman’s Club in Dublin, delivering their unique indietronica sound with a real sense of performance and style. 

Infused with palpable musicianship and talent, Cymbals live performance is formed through vibrant dynamic bursts of syncopated rhythm and melody.

The sprawling harmonic textures of the group’s sound pulsed with each echoing synth line, reverberating around the Workman’s Club and out into the captivated crowd who moved with every beat.

Performing tracks from their stellar new L.P Age of Fracture, as well as their previous releases, the arpeggiated build of songs such as ‘Like An Animal’ and ‘Empty Space’ growled and flowed from the shimmering glow of the stage lights, casting its irrepressible groove onto the audience as Cymbals pushed and pulled at the swaggering nature of their synth-pop influenced sound.

Jack Cleverly

The sheer force of Cymbals’ live show seemed to find its core in band’s interaction with each other and the crowd. Singer and guitarist Jack Cleverly captured the imagination with each delivery, almost giving sermon to those in attendance with each wave of his hand or vocal gesture, all of which was powerfully supported by Cymbals deep-seated harmonic tone.

So strong was Cymbals connection with the audience that the group performed an impromptu encore that still had the crowd demanding more. And as the group exited stage left to the swirling sound of feedback slowly receding it was clear the indietronica band had delivered something very special Brilliant.

All photos by Andreia Oliveria.

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