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Elaine Mai – EDC

Electro-pop artist Elaine Mai has released a beautifully composed new music video for her single ‘EDC’.

Directed by Bob Gallagher, the subtle nature of the visuals feed into the layered ease of Mai’s syncopated electro sound.

Exploring the intimacy of relationships and marriage equality the unobtrusive aesthetic of the video for ‘EDC’ is engaging and simply charming, as Gallagher leaves the unscripted interaction of his subjects play out capturing the real emotive connection between all of those involved.

Caught in the slow motion close-ups and gently moving camera work, the simplicity of Gallagher’s concept is affective and perfectly shot. With its minimal set design the director leaves the focus entirely on the people being filmed during each moment, mirroring the strong lyrical content of Mai’s single.

With its brilliant use of genuine human interaction, Bob Gallagher’s video for Elaine Mai’ new single is a vibrant, emotive portrait of the music, the subject matter of marriage equality and the people involved.

‘The single is out now, and all monies made from the download of Elaine Mai’s new single ‘EDC’ for the month of February ’14 will be donated to Marriage Equality.

Check out Elaine Mai’s brand new video for ‘EDC’ directed by Bob Gallgher by clicking above. 


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