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Villagers – Occupy Your Mind

Conor J O'Brien



Alternative-rock outfit Villagers have unveiled their powerful new music video for ‘Occupy Your Mind’.

A newly recorded track from songwriter Conor J O’Brien, the lyrics speak out against the Russian government’s controversial anti-gay policies.

In a note attached to the music video the Villagers have stated “In the advent of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, please find attached a song written for you, your mother, your father and your gay brothers and sisters in Russia.”

Directed by Alden Volney, the saturated minimalist projections of the video’s stark visuals capture the fuzz-laden aggression and emotive tone behind Villagers latest single. Unrelenting in its claustrophobic scope, Volney encapsulates the oppression and brutality depicted in O’Brien’s lyrics and haunting vocal delivery.

Shuddering with each edit and flashing burst of imagery, the building frantic mood of ‘Occupy Your Mind’ and the video’s aesthetic blend together to create a palpable unease that mirrors the injustice of the song’s subject matter.

Masterfully composed and crafted, both ‘Occupy Your Mind’ and its accompanying video deftly handle the important nature of the track’s concept, highlighting the harsh reality and consequences of the Russian governments actions in the lead up to, and during, the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Watch the new music video for ‘Occupy Your Mind’ by Villagers, directed by Alden Volney, by clicking on the video above. 

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